Haris Berberian

Composer - Producer

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Haris Berberian is a classically trained composer. He started music in his early childhood and after years of training he went on to graduate from Conservatoire of Lille. Passionate for Rock, Trip Hop and Film Music, he set up his own studio, after completing his musical studies, and immediately entered the world of media; composing music to picture.

He composes the music of lots of TV Shows, such as “Boom” with Vincent Lagaff, he writes the opening credits and background scores for some the top hit shows, including “Un Contre 100” , “Crésus”, “Attention à la Marche”, “Le 4eme Duel” broadcasted on TF1, France 2, Canal +, M6…

He also created original scores for the films “La Voie de Laura” and “Chassé Croisé Amoureux”.In 2012, he became SACEM’s definitive member.

Today Haris Berberian works as an accomplished composer and producer from his Paris based studio.

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